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Transforming lives through service…….would you like a close personal encounter with Christ?

We are group of Catholic citizens engaged in sharing our talents with the Catholic Diocese in Geita through personal missions focused on education, social and sustainable programs.  We offer ALL people an opportunity to share of themselves while getting to know the joyful people of Tanzania.

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We'd loved the presentation on Thursday night from Fr John and the mission travelers. As well, we have decided to contribute, hopefully monthly, on a monetary basis to assist the mission in Geita. Would it be possible to connect with a young person that lives either at the orphanage or in Geita, itself, and start communicating via mail? Regarding the five goals, I believe, it could be classifed under community building and/or health (physical, emotional, spiritual). Thank you.

Just checking over the site again today...

Trying to get more to see this charity...

You're doing s GREAT job

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