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About Us

Vivo ut Serviam is a non profit corporation organized under the laws of Colorado with the purpose of providing opportunities for personal engagement in serving or offering aid to those less fortunate than ourselves.  Our current focus is working with the Diocese of Geita in Tanznaia by providing resources for educational and socially sustainable programs.


· OUR VISION— To see lives transformed in communities contagious with JOY

· OUR FOCUS—Our projects current focus on the communities served by the Catholic church of Tanzania specifically in the Diocese of Geita

· VOLUNTEERING:  Our  compelling opportunity to Catholic individuals is to leverage their education, skills and passions in transformative projects to restore hope among the communities we serve. We affirm that God gives all individuals  gifts and talents to  serve all HIS people. We offer professional opportunities in five areas: agriculture, business, community development, education, and health/well-being. These projects deliver tangible value in community and provide for critical encounters and relationships that embody, inform and offer true and lasting hope.

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