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Day 1 - 2 Our Teenage Pilgrims head to Tanzania

Another journey to the wonderful country of Tanzania.  This time the party includes, Tiana Cisneros, age 17, sporting blonde hair, Tatyna Cisneros age 14, sporting purple hair, Matthew Dennis, age 17, sporting his blonde hair and their embedded reporter, Anthony Cisneros, age withheld and sporting what hair he still has left.

The journey starts in Loveland with what has become referred to as Tanzanian express.  How much luggage full of gifts can you take.

Our route was from Denver to Minneapolis with a two hour lay over.  Minneapolis to Amsterdam (8 hour flight time) with 2 hour layover.  Amaterdam to Kilimanjaro (8 hour flight) which you then wait for 1 hour in the plane while those going to Kilimanjaro deplane, a cleaning crew comes on and then they bring more passengers on and you finish you final leg to Dar Es Salaam. ( 2 hour flight).  We arrived in Dar Es Salaam and the change since being here only six months is quite different.  More on that later

We arrived in Far at 10:00 pm local time and for the first trip ever, collected ALL of our luggage at 10:40 and were greeted by Fr Matthews huge smile.  We stayed at a hotel five minutes away and concluded our day at the FQ Hotel.  We dined in the hotel restaurant and had tilapia much smaller in size than we see in Mwanza and French Fries.  Our journey continues tomorrow at 5:00 am.

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