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Day 3 - Dar Es Dalaam to Christ the King

The morning came early however Tiana, Tatyna and Matthew were all ready by 5;00 am.  I was the slow riser, not getting ready to rise until 5:10 am (I didn't get to bed until after 1:00 am as I tried to get some work done.


We left the FQ hotel to go catch a flight from Dar Es Salaam to Mwanza (1 1/2 hour flight) on the local airline, Fast Jet.  A year ago this carrier used turbo prop planes.  They recently upgraded their fleet to Embraer Jets.
We arrived at the security check-point with our bags and it went seemless.  Even check-in went smoothe.

We went to the lounge and Tiana, Tatyna and Matthew and got something to drink.
Matthew, concerned because our boarding passes said we departed at 6:00 vs 7:00, prompted me to rush ourselves a little.  When I went to the gate at 6;15, I did not see our airline for departure and I thought we may have missed our flight.  There was a check-in agent near the gate and she had us go through.  Needless to say, we made our flight and evidently "time" also applies to the airlines here.  We can change.


Father George and four of the girls from Christ the King school greeted us at the airport, Flora, Maria, Veronica and Irene


We went to Mwanza to do some shopping and for me to verify things were OK with cell-phone. We stopped and had breakfast at the pizzeria that is become a regular stop because of the fresh fruit and bread. After collecting some items for work, stationary for bead making and stove making, bubble gum to hand out, we made our way to Christ the King Parish and arrived around noon.


We received a greeting similar to greetings before however there were less children. Only two of the grades are in class currently and there are a number of children attending Bible school for four weeks and staying at the school. Many of them are there to be prepared to get ready to receive the sacraments of initiation.


We then had a quick lunch found our rooms and went and met some of the students and walked the grounds. Fr. George informed us that he had planned for Tiana, Matthew and Tatyna to participate in thhe afternoon activities - athletics.  Netball - like volleyball and a version of basketball, however the hoop has no backboard and Matthew introduced them to frisbee.



We then went to see a memorial of the first Tanzanian priest and a sigh of which there of been a number of happenings where this priest died. It is really quite interesting and I'm trying to get some more information in regards to the whole story. We however were the first American pilgrims to tour the site.


The return trip concluded with Matthew being given the opportunity to drive. I cannot say that the girls were excited as they were a little concerned. I'm happy to report that we made it back to the parish safe and sound. Our evening concluded with dinner and visiting and we were able to finally going to try and get some rest around 10 PM.  There is a full day planned for them including attending school as if they were a student and partaking in the chores. I look forward to sharing that information.

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