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Day 7 - Geita and A Trip to the Doctor

Today started out quite different.  Tatyna was in severe pain which required that we take her to the Diocese hospital in Sangerema to see a physician, Sr. Marie Jose Voeten, a sister working in the diocese from Holland.  Meanwhile, the Bishop made arrangements for Tiana and Matthew to hang out with Father Paul.  The quick details as to Tatyna, she is doing much better.

We travelled to Sangerema, about an hour away and Sr. Marie was expecting us.  Tatyna was taken right in and in under 5 minutes was placed in a room.


A nurse then came in and drew blood after some questioning by Sr. Marie.  Sr. Marie suspected that Tatyna may have Malaria based on the symptoms and indicated we would probably be spending the night.  Meanwhile, Fr. Mabula went and secured some snacks for Tatyna and myself.  There really isn't a hospital cafeteria here.  He returned with and essential of coffee, mango juice boxes and a treat, frozen strawberry ice cream.


We waited for the test results which then came back negative for malaria, praise be to God, and Sr. Marie had determined the panel showed a bacteria infection and she surmised it was from eating a piece of fruit that had not been properly washed.


Sr. Marie then requested that Tatyna give a urine sample to try and more thoroughly determine what it was.  Tatyna, in a lot of pain, was not thrilled as the specimen cup was the size of a large pill bottle, or in this case a very small bottle.  Originally Sr. Marie wanted to check for Typhoid as well, however since Tatyna had been vaccinated, she stated that typhoid was ruled out.  After this Tatyna requested that they remove the IV they had put in her hand in case they needed to do more than just draw blood.  I took a picture and then asked the nurse if she would pose with Tatyna and she was very excited to do so.  She even asked for a photo on her phone as well.


Tatyna complied and then Sr. Marie invited us to join her at her convent for lunch while we waited for the results.  We were greeted by the Superior of the home and two other sisters that also work at the hospital.  It is not often your doctor comes in and treats you and then invites you back home for lunch.  The results indicated a kidney infection as well and we were allowed to return to Geita.  Tatyna just needed some rest now.


Meanwhile back at Geita, Tiana and Matthew were picked up by Father Paul who graciously had them accompany him to a wedding.

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The two then went to lunch, then to adoration and then the highlight of their day, a visit to the orphanage where they got to see victor and the new emerging star, Isaac.


They then returned to the hotel and we all got back together at 7:30 to enjoy another dinner with the Bishop.

IMG_4439 (600 x 450)IMG_4438 (600 x 450)

Tatyna was doing better although she was provided a room to continue to rest.  We are so blessed and fortunate to have such wonderful hosts and as generous as Bishop Kassala and Father Mabula.


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