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Day 4 - Christ the King - Nyantakubwa

Our morning started at 5:30 AM with mass at 6 AM. Tiana and Tatyna were moving quite slow. Matthew was awake when I knocked on the door, however shared he fell back asleep and missed mass.


After mass, we returned to the rectory to have breakfast at 7:20. Morning seems to come a little early.  Chiapati, boiled chicken in broth, some prepared vegetables were breakfast today. 

The program for this day was for the three teenagers to join the students in a regular day of activities. All three of them were sent to separate classes. Tiana got to spend some time teaching civics. Matthew went to an economics course and also was asked to teach and really enjoyed it. Tatyna went to a science class and somewhere in the process taught her class how to do the SpongeBob dance.

I started the process of teaching people from local community on how to build wood burning cooking stoves. 

At lunch Tiana and Matthew were informed they would be on a debate team in the afternoon debating the issue money is more important than education. They would be arguing for it. Tatyna and myself were on the team that would be opposing it.  At 2:00 everyone broke from what they were doing to go participate in the debate. Long story short, the team for money is more important than education, won.  It was judged on a point system and I am sure that the math wasn't done correctly.

After the debate it was time for a short break to get ready to participate in manual labor. Each afternoon has a specific activity either athletics or manual labor.  Matthew really enjoyed the conversation with the teachers for economics and mechanics so he spent much of the time visiting with those teachers, and then somehow fell asleep in his room. He had earlier expressed great interest in participating in building brick stoves but somehow ended up in his room asleep. There is some humor to this.  The days are packed full.   Tiana is looked at as being quite fragile so the other girls seem to continue to do her chores. Tatyna she jumped right in and she can carried a 5 gallon bucket of water on her head. The teens are really enjoying their time and the students and staff really enjoy them as well.

I went back to work to help finish up the ninth cookstove for the day. Bending down to lay bricks and then standing up and bending down is way more effective exercise for your legs then the gym membership that I pay for. There are large number of children that are here and they prepare the meals for themselves and in the area that the stoves are being built.

Manual labor wrapped up about 8 o'clock and we met for dinner. Tiana was asked to do the first reading for tomorrow and Matthew was asked if he could give a reflection on the gospel.  Fr. George asked him how long he needed and he replied he could speak for 15-20 minutes.  Fr. George abruptly stated that was too long, 5 minutes would be good.  Matthew was quite excited. 

After dinner, because Tiana indicated she would like to hear some Tanzania music, father George arranged for a playlist to be put together and the children to dance. We ended the evening well past 10 o'clock still having to get up for 6 AM mass. 

Another very full day for everyone.


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