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Fr John's Mission Trip Day 3 in Pics

Friends in Christ, our regular contributor is at Christ the King Parish which has no WiFi or cell service. I will post his most recent update probably tomorrow when we arrive in Geita and have WiFi at the Archdiocese.

The first image is the group getting ready to depart the hotel after checkout and going to change money.  The second is Anthony with a young boy, 4-5 years old who saw Anthony on the street waiting to get a Tanzanian  SIM card and went over to just touch him.  The third and fourth images are the ferry that was taken to cross Lake Victoria on our way to Fr Johns  village in Isole.   Ext is the joy of giving American chocolate.  The next two are Scott giving a soccer ball that would later impact a whole community.  The picture of the children shows them with wooden cars that the Rotary club Christine knows made and donated. As we departed we saw the soccer ball Scott have had been put to use in a soccer game that the whole community came to see. The house in the next picture is a house That Father Bulala took ten years to build for his family.  We took a quick tour on our way from Isole to Christ the King Parish.  The blurred image is trying to capture the joy and welcome we recieved upon arrival to Christ the King from the girls who had been waiting hours for us.  The last three show our wonderful host for the evening, Father George.  The first is Fr George, Fr Salvatore,   Christine and Eleanor posing with the Paschal candle Christine brought on behalf of Father James.  Next is Fr George presenting a gift commemorating the installation of Bishop Kasala.  We conclude the day in pictures with a lovely dinner.  Thank you all for your prayers.

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